Family Therapy

Are you confused about why you feel disconnected from your family?

Have you experienced family estrangement? Feelings of sadness or anger toward family members? Do you experience strained relationships with your parents or siblings?

You’re tired of yelling matches, the silent treatment, or being blamed for everything.

There’s no peace. Family members are either allied, at odds, or have completely removed themselves from the picture.

Sometimes the struggle is in the silence. Everything that isn’t said. What your family ignores is breeding resentment and toxicity within everyone.

Perhaps you are under enormous scrutiny related to a family legacy.

Your relatives may include a celebrity, musician, CEO, or another high-profile figure, and corresponding complex family history.

Your family has persevered for generations.

Estrangement, Addiction, Abuse, Racism, Poverty, Genocide, Slavery, Slander, or Fame. All of these have impacted your family history in one way or another.

Even if it happened in the past, they are part of your genetics and impact you on a cellular level.

Every family has the capacity for healing -- including yours.

For countless years, I’ve guided estranged, high-profile, and/or high-conflict families in resolving both present-day and generational wounds.

Family therapy allows you and your family to reconnect, heal, and recreate a vibrant, respectful legacy. We change the patterns of intergenerational trauma to start the healing process.

It only takes one person to reverse the cycle.

Every family has its own pain passed down from one generation to the next. In addition to legacies of success, your family can have generational burdens of trauma, addiction, or dysfunction.

Unfortunately, this cycle can become unconscious and continue for years to come.

It takes one family member to decide to change. You can be the person who decides to seek out help. This is when healing for your family can truly begin.

What does family therapy look like?

Unlike other approaches, you and your family won’t start in the same room for therapy. Without preparation, this recreates the dysfunctional dynamics that brought you to my office and could make things worse.

Instead, I take the time to get to know each family member individually prior to family sessions.

I will get to know the story and build trust with each person, prior to bringing everyone together.

These sessions take time, tears, and effort. But when I build a solid relationship with each family member first, I have the best opportunity to facilitate healthy communication once everyone is in the same room.

Once the family can come together, I can support each family member in communicating their needs and changing their patterns in a way that feels collaborative, not combative.

The dysfunctional cycle can be exposed and start to change. This will benefit your family today and for the generations to come.

Can you handle my family? Will you understand us?

Most of my clients worry that their family might be “too much” for me or I won’t understand the cultural or historical nuances within the generations.

I’m comfortable with big personalities, strong opinions, and all types of backgrounds.

I’m a strong ally to the LGBTQ community and affirm all expressions of sexual orientation and gender identity. I’m comfortable working with LGBTQ individuals and families, including facilitating communication with family members who may have become estranged during the coming out process.

I work with interracial and intercultural families, respecting each culture and perspective while understanding each individual’s perspective. I can recognize intergenerational dynamics at play within the complexity of your family.

Additionally, I attended an international program for my clinical training. My therapeutic approach is not confined to the Western perspective but informed by global cultures and a personal awareness of historically significant events.

I’ll take time to listen to each story and respect your identity, values, cultural perspectives, and family traditions. They will be included in the family therapy process.

I’m passionate about working with military personnel, service members, and their families. I recognize being part of the military is its own unique culture. I respect how being of service has influenced your past, present, and family relationships.

What if my family is reluctant to start therapy?

It’s typical for some family members to be hesitant to start therapy. This may be due to a negative experience in the past - or due to never attending family therapy before.

I’ll spend time hearing their concerns and explain my unique process. I will share how family therapy starts with individual meetings. Usually, this makes them more open to doing the work.

If you have no family who wants to participate, that doesn’t have to stop you from getting the help to feel better. You can start working with me individually.

Remember, it only takes one person to start the healing process for your family -- and it starts with you. As your family starts to see the positive change within you, they may become more open to family therapy.

How do we get started?

Let’s start with a 20-minute consultation call to hear your story and make sure I‘m the best fit for your family’s needs.

Schedule your free consultation call.


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