“Trauma Holds You Captive In History at the Expense of your Destiny”

- Holly Pearlman

Individual Therapy

There is never an excuse as to why human beings experience traumatic adverse occurrences in life. However, and for some, traumatic experiences leave deep scars that show up years later in behaviors that look a lot like disorders. Others are unsure or unaware they have anything wrong, until their family members or friends bring them into therapy because they can’t live with them any longer. People who have experienced trauma will eventually feel the effects in their body and in their mind and brain. And… they come by way of body sensations and disturbing thoughts.

Trauma is an intruder and it has sneaky way of coming in and creating a landscape of mood and personality disorders, depression, anxiety and a whole lot of crazy making that make some people feel out of control. For many, creating a mask for the world to see leaves a trauma survivor feeling tremendous shame and discomfort deep inside.

Regardless, survivors of trauma all have one thing in common - they all experience higher levels of intense emotions and/or body sensations along with intrusive thoughts, that can be very scary. Learning to express emotions appropriately is only part of what treatment for trauma looks like, the rest is paying attention to your inner self – behaviors don’t show up for no reason, they are there to tell us something.

What does therapy look like with me? I mostly use two therapeutic modalities in conjunction with each other, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and SE (Somatic Experiencing). I use EMDR as a method to help reduce the intense emotion that is often associated with the image of the traumatic event.

I also use Somatic Experiencing in tracking your body movements that tells the story of your body memory of the trauma. Trauma has a way of cloaking a Survivors body with the traumatic experience and unfortunately, most people have no idea they are carrying around their trauma in their nervous system.

Healing from traumatic experiences requires you to take care of your mind and your body. That means paying attention to what your body is telling you and caring for your mind and your brain. When people begin to care for themselves by paying attention to themselves, healing takes shape and healthy changes take place in your brain and your body. And… I pay attention!